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September 02, 2021

Modification of some terms and icons!

We have made visual changes to the following two actions: "Follow" a tender and "Share" a tender. The functionality remains the same, only the icons and the term "save" have changed.

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July 09, 2021

Where to find the Help Center

Hi everyone, Don't be surprised if you don't find the Help Center under your name anymore. You can now access the section simply by clicking the lifebuoy in the upper right corner.

You will directly find all the articles that will guide you on how to best use Aloha Tenders.

You can still contact us, by clicking "Contact us".

Happy Friday!

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April 20, 2021

Find answers to your questions

To make your life easier, we've compiled the most frequently asked questions in our Help Center. Check it out here :

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April 02, 2021

Daily email and filters

The numbers displayed in the daily email are now taking into account the filters you have set on the platform :)

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April 01, 2021

Manage your preferences

Feel free to go and change your preferences in your Aloha Tenders account.

You can change the language and time zone, change your password, or set your preferences regarding Aloha's daily report by email.

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March 04, 2021

Switch language

Would you like to use Aloha Tenders in French ? or in English ?

Here's how to set that up:

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